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About AIWD

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The AIWD is a buying group that began in 1999 when the Western Distributors Association and the Independent Distributors Cooperative merged to form a group of fifty members. Six years later the buying group incorporated as the AIWD, Inc. Since 2005, the AIWD has grown to 139 members strong that operate in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. The focus of the AIWD is to deliver maximum value to members by leveraging the combined purchasing power of core products and assets, and then be loyal to a select group of vendors that offer favorable pricing, terms, and patronage rebates. The AIWD is based on three fundamental principles; to provide tremendous financial value, to help preserve the independent business-owners independence, and to help build strong relationships within the AIWD extended family.

The AIWD is the independent buying group that delivers the greatest freedom & value to independently-owned industrial gas / welding supply distributors and CO2 beverage carbonation service companies. 

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